About Us

In 1935, a group of public-spirited citizens recognizing the need for fire protection in Fire District # 3, began taking steps leading to the formation of the Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company. This was a difficult task. It was a new community that was experiencing an era of building and expansion.

Early in September 1935, the Fire Company was formally organized. The first elected officers were: President, Mr. F. Henry Williams; Vice-President, Mr. Milton Gibian; Secretary, Mr. Randolph Hamroth; Treasurer, Mr. Edward Flanagan; and Chief, Mr. Frank Sena. Incorporation formalities were approved on November 2, 1935.

Without delay, the members were determined to go ahead. Monies were loaned by some members to purchase some fire equipment and a committee was formed to investigate the possibility of purchasing a used fire truck.

The first fire truck was obtained from the Livingston Fire Company by December 1935. The Morris Plains Fire Association provided fire rings with which to summon members to a fire.

In those early days, the meetings were held in the residences of Mr. Peter Yeager of Kingston Road and Mr. Edward Flanagan of Centerton Drive. The Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association Club House became available for meetings afterwards.

The next problem was to obtain a suitable location to house the fire truck. Land was purchased from the New York Daily Mirror and construction was started on the firehouse in August 1936. Within one year after organizing, the Fire Company had though dances, raffles and the help of generous contributors, became a full-fledged fire company. 

Shortly after our first anniversary in December 1936 we welcomed one of our most valuable assets: the Ladies Auxiliary of the Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company. They performed remarkable work for the firefighters and much of our progress is the result of their continued efforts and support. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for the many nights they supplied hot coffee in the freezing weather while the members were engaged with firefighting duties 

We salute the Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary. 

The passing years have seen continued improvements and the members of the Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company have been dedicated to protecting life and property in District # 3 in the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township. In the year 2002 the Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company moved across the street to their new home on Halsey Road. 

The old firehouse stills continues to serve our community as a substation for the Parsippany Rescue and Recovery Unit. 

New neighbors and their families continue to join in the spirit of the "Volunteer" and follows our motto: